Online Casino TV Promotional Campaign Comes Around Again

When it comes to reaching out to a new audience, many casinos and online casinos find that TV advertising is of considerable benefit. There are clearly restrictions in place that need to be met when it comes to gaming advertisements but as long as a firm keeps these in mind, there is likely to be a lot of success to be found by operating in this manner. TVOne company that has enjoyed success, and is looking forward to more success is who have announced they will be sponsoring Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother once again this year. The standard version of the show is set to start in January and the celebrity version will follow later in the year. The casino will have advertising bumpers on all programmes, on all “on-demand” services and in all online coverage. There will also be a social media tie in with this sponsorship deal.

Even though Big Brother viewing figures are not as high as the peak era on Channel 4, this still represents a fantastic opportunity for the online casino to get their name across to a wide audience. Casinos always have to check on the relevancy and return from these campaigns but given that is returning for another year of sponsorship, they are clearly happy with how the promotion went last year.

Some firms find different ways to promote themselves

It is clear that different casinos have to find different ways to promote their services. Some sites are able to promote their business through great bonus deals that players benefit from. An example of this would be the Titan Casino bonus code (more info on which provides a great bankroll boost to new casino players. Some sites have to advertise and promote to entice players along and the diversity of promotional activities on offer means that there should be a way for all firms to get their point across.

Charles Butler from NetPlayTV released a statement, saying;

“Following the positive returns it has previously provided the Company, we are delighted to be the headline sponsor for both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother once again this summer. These high profile sponsorships are an effective tool to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

The company believes that they are on track for success in the year ahead, with Butler also saying;

Following a strong start to Q2, with average daily net revenue up by 17% versus Q2 2013, we look forward to the extended customer reach throughout Q2 and Q3 brought by this sponsorship.

When it comes to spreading the word about online casino play, TV sponsorship and promotions are as effective as any other way.