Physical Casinos Not Threatened By Online Poker Opportunities

Physical Casinos in New JerseyThere is no doubt that some casinos in America would have mixed feelings about the fact that online poker play was becoming a real thing in the United States. In fact, some casino sites may have been very angry and concerned about the opportunity to play poker and gamble from the comfort of your own home. After all, if people can play casino games and poker from their couch, are they likely to leave the house to spend their money?

In reality, yes. Playing poker online and playing poker in a casino are two very different things. There will be a market for both activities that are completely separate and there will be a market that overlaps. A number of casinos have decided to get in on the act by providing online gaming options for players in the states where it is permissible and this is definitely a good move,. Anything which reinforces a company as being the number one gaming choice, no matter where a player is, has to be seen as a very sensible move. This is why it seems that there is not the widespread fear, panic and doom about the emergence of online gaming that some people would have predicted for casinos. There will be some casinos that struggle to make money but in reality, the good casinos should prosper while the casinos that are poor should find that they have to up their game. There is no real issue with that and many people would consider it to be a very American way of life!

There are US real money poker options available online at all hours of the clock but it doesn’t seem as though the president of Borgata is too worried about it. With New Jersey online gaming now getting into the swing of things, the president and COO Tom Balance, looks to be fairly relaxed. His company has an online casino and poker room so they have definitely taken to the opportunity in a positive manner. The poker room shares a player pool and a platform with PartyPoker NJ, so they are definitely mingling with the right people when it comes to offering a viable and reliable poker service.

Borgata believe they have the best of both worlds

Borgata New JerseyIt seems as though Borgata are well aware of the fears that online gaming may eat into their physical casino revenue and the company has carried out initial research. Balance was proud to say that after matching the databases of online and offline play, it seems as though the majority of online players have been missing from Borgata casinos for at least a year. If the online gaming environment is a way to bring people back to the casino environment, it is no wonder that firms like Borgata are very pleased about the opportunities that are coming their way. Balance also suggested that the people who come to play in the casino are very different from the people who play online poker and casino games at home. If there is a chance to provide different platforms that reach out to different sorts of people, the company will undoubtedly be having a great time.

Balance is also greatly impressed with the level of customer information that they can glean from online casino and poker play. In brief, Borgata can create a profile based on every single wager that an online player makes. This isn’t possible with physical casino play, so it should allow casinos and poker sites to offer better and more tailored bonuses to their clients, which will be of benefit to everyone.