Best US Poker Site Is Bovada

There is a fascination with knowing what the best option in an industry is but it is not always an easy decision to make. One of the problems, especially in the online poker industry, is that poker can be subjective. What one poker player finds very attractive may be unappealing to another player. This means that finding the best poker site may be something that is better for individuals to consider as opposed to finding a site that is claimed as being the best of all the US sites.

Bovada.lvIt is fair to say that if you look at the sites that appear most often in the list of people’s favourite US poker sites, you will start to see the same names crop up. When it comes to the best US poker site, you will find that plenty of people refer to Bovada as being their favourite poker site. The fact that this site is cited by so many people will ensure that it is well worth checking out. The fact that there are so many different reasons to cite Bovada as being the most important poker site for US players means that no matter what you like, there is likely to be a reason that Bovada is the right choice.

The best US poker site will always be a subjective issue

For many people, security and comfort of online play is crucial in determining what the best US poker site. The US poker community has taken a bit of a battering in recent years, so there is a need for stability and reliability. This is definitely what is on offer when you play with Bovada. This site is part of an online gaming network that is renowned all over the world, so you should find plenty of peace of mind and comfort through playing on this site.

You will also find that the strong welcome bonus on offer at Bovada will be more than enough to entice you on to the site. Getting the chance to grab a 100% matched deposit bonus is always going to be of interest to poker players, especially with the news that this bonus can rise to $1,000. Making the most of your money is vital and experienced poker players will tell you about the benefits of building up your bankroll.

Whether you want comfort or you want cash, Bovada can deliver. This is why the site is easily regarded amongst the best US poker sites you could ever hope to find.

US Poker Sites Offer Fine Service, Software and Security

PokerSites.usIs there really an online US poker site where you can play for money? The answer is “yes” and “no.” Online US poker sites are not located in the United States (at least not yet), but there are online poker rooms located in other countries that gratefully accept US players, Many of these sites have a majority of U.S. players or cater exclusively to those from America.

Until the US Congress passes an online poker bill or individual states do and those new laws are implemented, offshore US sites will be the only choice for online players living in America. The most popular sites that take US players are Carbon Poker, Black Chip Poker, Lock Poker and Bovada Poker. If you are looking for reviews of these poker rooms, is your best option. Check out their unbiased US poker site reviews.

What can you expect from these sites and what are the risks, if any, of playing at them? All four of these sites are safe and secure, offer fine service and have software that plays smoothly and offers various features. The methods for making deposits at online poker sites are limited with the easiest being to wire money to your account using Western Union.

Remember that playing at these online sites is not illegal. What is illegal in the US, and this is the reason why banking is tricky, is the transferring of money from the country to an offshore poker or gambling site. According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, it is unlawful for gambling businesses to knowingly take deposits in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.

Although all US credit, debit and gift card deposits have been stopped, Western Union deposits are still processed. This is because the money sent via this wire transfer service is sent to a named individual in the country in which the poker room is located. The money is then put into the sender’s account and verified by them. The transfer, which is done at a local Western Union outlet, happens in minutes.

Although there are numerous online poker bills before the US Congress, no action has been taken. Perhaps the most promising bill surfaced about a week ago. The potential poker law has been created by Senate majority leader from Nevada Harry Reid and the Senate minority whip from Arizona John Kyl. The law, of which little is known at this point, is being touted to both Republicans and Democrats.

Before joining any online poker site do your homework. Research the site’s games, including types of poker games offered; how many daily tournaments, sin-n’-gos and cash games are on-hand and stakes, buy-ins and fees. Take time to review the software, policies regarding deposits and withdrawals and customer service, security and trustworthiness. Compare VIP programs, special promotions and deposit bonuses.

Although the number of poker rooms accepting US players is much smaller than it was prior to Black Friday when the US Justice Department closed down Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker, there are still quality choices. That’s good news for US poker players who love to play online.

What Does the Merge Poker Network Currently Cover?

One of the latest and rapidly growing online poker networks is none other than the Merge Gaming Network. In was back in 2007 that Merge Gaming was established and this poker network has grown to a great extent ever since then. Merge Poker Network is an Australian based poker site and Kahnawake; Canada is the location where the game servers are situated. There are a large number of US friendly sites on Merge that are a part of this poker network and US players are continuously accepted on this site.

Merge PokerCurrently, around seventy three poker sites are affiliated to this poker network and over 1200 players regularly play on this online poker site.

A variety of loose and tight poker games are covered by the Merge Gaming Network and can be played on this website. Players on this poker site mostly play short-handed when playing any of the numerous ring games. Full ring tables on the site are rare but are often available where players can play long-handed.

Merge Gaming Software

The Merge poker gaming site is using in-house developed software. Based on the innovative skin of this online poker network, some very attractive integral features are offered by this software. The lobby of the Merge Gaming site can be easily navigated. The most eye catching graphics can be seen through the Merge poker rooms and as a means of supporting players, a myriad of convenient features are available in these rooms. Players can play at multiple tables at the Merge Poker Network since this website accommodates rapid minimizing of different windows. This poker network site offers an opportunity to players to enjoy ideal poker gaming experience.


The typical initial “Double Your Money” deposit bonus that goes up to six hundred dollars is used at all the sites that are affiliated with the Merge Poker Network. The loyal players of the many different sites that are a part of this network are also offered a variety of rakeback and reward schemes as well. Tournament series are also often run by the Merge Gaming Network, which encourages more players to become a part of this online poker network site.


As highlighted, a variety of four-hour cash freerolls are also hosted by the Merge Poker Network too. The unique games that are a part of the tournaments held by this online poker site not only allow players to win money but give them the chance to get refreshed as well. Badugi, Omaha, Texas Hold´em and numerous other mixed poker games are a part of the tournaments that are held at the Merge Gaming site.

Merge Poker NetworkThe Merge Online Poker Network has been successfully running from five years now and quite a humongous number of poker sites have affiliated with it by now. Some of the affiliate sites of this online poker network include:,,,,, and many more. It is apparent that the number of affiliated US friendly sites on Merge is quite large. No doubt the Merge Poker Network is quite an exceptional site, and this is why it is among the leading sites in this industry.

Finding the Right App – iPhone Gambling for US Players

iPhone Gambling
iPhone Gambling

With the advent of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, many gamblers in the US wondered if they would ever get to see the luxury of iPhone gambling, which came to Europe long before it reached the States.  UIGEA regulations, which make internet gambling more complicated, also greatly complicate iPhone gambling, by putting restrictions on how sites get and return money, and how the banks are allowed to do business with those sites.  At long last, however, there are some good apps available for American iPhone users that will let them undertake their favourite hobby.

Sportsbook and Bookmaker were two of the first apps available for iPhone gambling in the US.  Both of these apps allow users to place real-money bets through their phones, and both have been around for a long time before making their services mobile.  Both sites offer extensive bonuses for gamblers who make bets through the mobile; Sportsbook refunds the first $10 of losses on mobile bets, while Bookmaker allows users to earn double points in their loyalty program when users partake of gambling through their mobile device.  Both sites offer matching bonuses upon sign-up, although Bookmaker’s is more substantial, with a 300% match on up to 100 dollars.  Bookmaker’s options include all manner of US professional sports, including golf, tennis, and horse racing, with a customized section for making equestrian event bookings that involve statistics and track records.  Sportsbook offers easier deposits and withdrawals and offers a wide variety of sidebetting options, such as betting on the split on a game, as well as countless promotions, such as reduced rate Fridays and NBA college promos.  Both sites have proved themselves reliable over the years, and their mobile options for iPhone gambling are no exception.

If you’re looking for real-money poker games instead, there’s some bad news:  the iPhone gambling world simply hasn’t progressed that far.  Switch Poker created the first real-money mobile app in late 2010, but they don’t permit US players, nor do the handful of other poker sites that are offering iPhone gambling with real money.  The American poker market will surely catch up soon, but in the meantime, you can hone your skills with apps like Zynga’s poker app or the Texas Hold’em app released by Apple.  While you can’t play for real money, you’ll find plenty of competition willing to help you step up your game so that you can make a killing the next time the stakes are real.

PokerStars Home Games Brings the Fun Back Home

PokerStars Home Games
PokerStars Home Games

Online poker is great but at times it lacks the fun and excitement that came from beating your friends at poker. This is how many people learned how to play poker but this style of playing was about much more than just the game.

There was a huge social aspect to the game and it was a great way to keep up to date with the lives of friends and loved ones. The emergence of online poker has brought many benefits including the opportunity to win a lot of money but many miss the chanced to beat their friends at home.

PokerStars understand the social aspect

PokerStars have realised this and the release of the PokerStars Home Games brings the social factor into playing online poker. This game allows you and your friends to set up a game using the PokerStars software and game client. If you found your regular poker games have been disrupted by people moving away, this is the perfect way to bring back those nights of poker with your friends.

Setting the game up is extremely simple to do. All it takes is entering the lobby of the PokerStars site and starting up your own poker club. After this, you invite the players that you want to join and everything else is as simple as joining an online poker game. The simplicity of the PokerStars Home Games is its real quality and as long as all of your friends are members of the PokerStars site, they can be invited into the game.

There are further bonuses and incentives to play this way

That should be more than enough to convince people to switch to this style of poker game but there are further poker bonuses to convince people to enlist for this style of poker play. If you and your friends start a Poker Club, have 7 or more members and engage in two real money or five play money games, you will be included in the $100,000 free-roll Ultimate Home Game.

The ability to play with friends online no matter where they are is a huge incentive for players to join up with the site but this added incentive is likely to greatly increase the number of players using this style of poker play.

Enjoy poker you way when you want it

Players can still enjoy the regular PokerStars games on a regular basis, getting everyone online at the same time can be difficult but with a minimum of planning, poker games with your friends can be back on the agenda.

If you miss the good old days when Friday nights would turn into Saturday mornings so easily and poker was at the heart of it all, PokerStars may be able to bring those days back. Whether it becomes a regular game or a one-off match involving you and your best friends, the Home Games innovation should be considered one of the best steps in online poker. People have complained about the lack of social element and interaction that online poker has but this new style of playing may be about to change all that.

Playing Poker on Ubuntu

There are many benefits of using the Linux OS as opposed to Windows but if you are a poker fan, it may seem that your options are limited. With so many poker sites using download programs to allow players to play, Ubuntu users may feel they are missing out on the poker action. This can be very annoying and if you are skilled at poker, can also see you missing out on money. Thankfully, there are ways to play poker on Ubuntu.

Playing Online Poker on Ubuntu
Playing Poker on Ubuntu

Firstly, if the poker site offers a no download service, you can use this site no problem with Ubuntu. The downside is that these no download services tend to offer fewer services and fewer gaming options. If you are a casual poker player, this may be suitable to your needs but if you want to play regularly, you will need to play with downloaded software.

Wine can be a solution

The solution that most people suggest for playing poker on Ubuntu is to use the Wine emulator. Wine is a Windows emulator for Ubuntu and will allow you to play any download software from poker sites on your Ubuntu OS. The process is as simple as downloading and installing the Wine emulator, downloading the software from the poker site (the .exe file, not the download file) and then run the downloaded poker file in Wine.

This is a very simple process and should take no more than a few minutes to carry out. If you are strongly against using a Windows emulator on Ubuntu this option will not be suitable but it opens up a world of poker playing opportunities for the Ubuntu user. Glitches may occur from time to time but on the whole, this process is simple and extremely effective.

Java games may provide an answer

Another solution to the problem may come in the shape of Java downloads, which are appearing on a number of poker sites. A Java based poker room does not require any software to download and is compatible with all operating systems, which means Ubuntu users can play these games with no difficulties at all.

None of these solutions are ideal and Ubuntu users are unfairly marginalised compared to other OS users but there are still plenty of options for Ubuntu users to play online poker games. Even the most hardened of poker players will find that running software through Wine is a sacrifice that is more than acceptable to gain access to the top poker sites and their wide choice of games.