Big Name Poker Player Heads Online

Although online poker is an excellent way for amateur players to develop their skills and pick up the odd win here and there, there is no doubt that plenty of professional poker players enjoy the online poker experience as well. Many players are officially signed up with poker sites, allowing them to be ambassadors and playing regularly, but there are also some poker stars that play to grab as much money as they can!

Phil IveyFans of Phil Ivey, one of the biggest names in the poker industry, have had the chance to take him on online of late and he has been putting in some serious gaming time on Full Tilt Poker in recent times. Phil has been playing under the name of Polarizing and it seems he clocked up more than $712,000 in a matter of days on the site. This even includes a couple of losses in that time so it suggests that Ivey was playing for big stakes. The idea that you could find yourself matched up against one of the biggest names in the poker community is a big thrill for many people. It may be that you are likely to lose when you are pitting your wits against such a big name poker player but for many, the thrill of it may be worth the cost. That is until you see the sort of money Ivey was playing for.

Poker play can get really real very quickly

KPR16One poker player certainly got the chance to play for real money poker online against Ivey when they picked up $8,000 in less than 15 minutes. Kyle Ray, playing under the name of KPR16 held the upper hand at the start of the battle but over the next two hours, Ivey showed his class and style. What else can you see when a player turns a deficit around to be at the stage of being up by $119,000 in less than two hours’ worth of play. Poker players need to know their limits and it is fine for players like Ivey to get involved in matches that can provide this sort of win or loss. If you cannot afford the high stakes, make sure you stick with the games that will provide you a level that you are comfortable with.

The idea of winning a life changing amount of money is often all the incentive that some folk need to play online poker but the thought of losing a large amount of cash is enough to keep people away from certain games. However, having the chance to play against one of the biggest and best online poker players of all time is definitely a major incentive for many players.