Where to play legal poker in the Netherlands

Nederlandse Kansspelautoriteit

On October 1st, 2021, the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has announced the names of the gaming companies that are allowed to legally offer online gambling in the Netherlands. It initially concerned ten companies, of which the TOTO and the Holland Casino will not surprise you. The full list of names is as of the opening of the market were:

  • TOTO Online B.V.
  • FPO Netherlands B.V.
  • Holland Casino N.V.
  • NSUS Malta Limited
  • Play North Limited
  • Tombola International Malta Plc
  • Hillside (New Media Malta) Plc
  • Bingoal Netherlands B.V.
  • Betent BV
  • LiveScore Malta Limited

As of later dates, there are now a number of new games of chance providers that have obtained a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. This includes legal:

  • JOI Gaming Limited
  • JOI l Limited
  • JOI ll Limited
  • ZEbetting & Gaming Nederland B.V.
  • Casino de Spa
  • Betca B.V.
  • Novamedia Gaming B.V.
  • 711
  • Optdeck Service Limited
Holland Casino

Of these new providers, only Novamedia Gaming B.V. and Optdeck Service Limited are licensed to provide games of chance where players can compete against each other. This is of course crucial to be able to offer a good online poker environment.

The full list of providers that are allowed to legally offer online poker is:

  • Holland Casino N.V.
  • NSUS Malta Limited
  • Hillside (New Media Malta) Plc
  • Novamedia Gaming B.V.
  • Optdeck Service Limited

Source: https://www.pokerkamers.nl/bij-welke-legale-pokersite-kun-je-spelen/

Big Name Poker Player Heads Online

Although online poker is an excellent way for amateur players to develop their skills and pick up the odd win here and there, there is no doubt that plenty of professional poker players enjoy the online poker experience as well. Many players are officially signed up with poker sites, allowing them to be ambassadors and playing regularly, but there are also some poker stars that play to grab as much money as they can!

Phil IveyFans of Phil Ivey, one of the biggest names in the poker industry, have had the chance to take him on online of late and he has been putting in some serious gaming time on Full Tilt Poker in recent times. Phil has been playing under the name of Polarizing and it seems he clocked up more than $712,000 in a matter of days on the site. This even includes a couple of losses in that time so it suggests that Ivey was playing for big stakes. The idea that you could find yourself matched up against one of the biggest names in the poker community is a big thrill for many people. It may be that you are likely to lose when you are pitting your wits against such a big name poker player but for many, the thrill of it may be worth the cost. That is until you see the sort of money Ivey was playing for.

Poker play can get really real very quickly

KPR16One poker player certainly got the chance to play for real money poker online against Ivey when they picked up $8,000 in less than 15 minutes. Kyle Ray, playing under the name of KPR16 held the upper hand at the start of the battle but over the next two hours, Ivey showed his class and style. What else can you see when a player turns a deficit around to be at the stage of being up by $119,000 in less than two hours’ worth of play. Poker players need to know their limits and it is fine for players like Ivey to get involved in matches that can provide this sort of win or loss. If you cannot afford the high stakes, make sure you stick with the games that will provide you a level that you are comfortable with.

The idea of winning a life changing amount of money is often all the incentive that some folk need to play online poker but the thought of losing a large amount of cash is enough to keep people away from certain games. However, having the chance to play against one of the biggest and best online poker players of all time is definitely a major incentive for many players.

Physical Casinos Not Threatened By Online Poker Opportunities

Physical Casinos in New JerseyThere is no doubt that some casinos in America would have mixed feelings about the fact that online poker play was becoming a real thing in the United States. In fact, some casino sites may have been very angry and concerned about the opportunity to play poker and gamble from the comfort of your own home. After all, if people can play casino games and poker from their couch, are they likely to leave the house to spend their money?

In reality, yes. Playing poker online and playing poker in a casino are two very different things. There will be a market for both activities that are completely separate and there will be a market that overlaps. A number of casinos have decided to get in on the act by providing online gaming options for players in the states where it is permissible and this is definitely a good move,. Anything which reinforces a company as being the number one gaming choice, no matter where a player is, has to be seen as a very sensible move. This is why it seems that there is not the widespread fear, panic and doom about the emergence of online gaming that some people would have predicted for casinos. There will be some casinos that struggle to make money but in reality, the good casinos should prosper while the casinos that are poor should find that they have to up their game. There is no real issue with that and many people would consider it to be a very American way of life!

There are US real money poker options available online at all hours of the clock but it doesn’t seem as though the president of Borgata is too worried about it. With New Jersey online gaming now getting into the swing of things, the president and COO Tom Balance, looks to be fairly relaxed. His company has an online casino and poker room so they have definitely taken to the opportunity in a positive manner. The poker room shares a player pool and a platform with PartyPoker NJ, so they are definitely mingling with the right people when it comes to offering a viable and reliable poker service.

Borgata believe they have the best of both worlds

Borgata New JerseyIt seems as though Borgata are well aware of the fears that online gaming may eat into their physical casino revenue and the company has carried out initial research. Balance was proud to say that after matching the databases of online and offline play, it seems as though the majority of online players have been missing from Borgata casinos for at least a year. If the online gaming environment is a way to bring people back to the casino environment, it is no wonder that firms like Borgata are very pleased about the opportunities that are coming their way. Balance also suggested that the people who come to play in the casino are very different from the people who play online poker and casino games at home. If there is a chance to provide different platforms that reach out to different sorts of people, the company will undoubtedly be having a great time.

Balance is also greatly impressed with the level of customer information that they can glean from online casino and poker play. In brief, Borgata can create a profile based on every single wager that an online player makes. This isn’t possible with physical casino play, so it should allow casinos and poker sites to offer better and more tailored bonuses to their clients, which will be of benefit to everyone.


US Players Watch On With Interest Over Online Canadian Poker Issues

America/Canada FlagIf we’re being honest, we’ll take an interest in what is going on with our neighbour from time to time. Sometimes, the actions next door will have an impact on what we do or what we can do. Of course, there will be plenty of times when what is happening next door has absolutely nothing to do with us but that doesn’t mean that we cannot take a passing interest in what is going on. This is true for every street across the United States but it is also true for countries as well.

This is why US poker players will be taking a keen interest in what is going on with Canada at the moment. Canada may have the reputation of being the quiet nation but there have been a number of big stories emanating from the country with regards to online poker of late. The first big story comes with the about-face that Titan Poker has unveiled in Canada.

It was only last week that Titan, and fellow Playtech poker skin site Mansion, announced that they were going to be withdrawing from the Finnish and Dutch markets. There were also a lot of rumours that the company would be exiting the Canadian market, with the exit lined up to take place on the 22nd of December. An email was sent to Canadian poker players informing that they should place withdrawal requests for their cash before this point. However, Titan has went public and they have said that they are no longer going to be withdrawing from the Canadian market.

Titan is backtracking with respect to Canadian poker players

Titan PokerTitan has sent out a “welcome back” bonus to players who had already put in a withdrawal request to the site. This is not a fantastic way to do business but at least the site has attempted to make amends before it was too late. It is believed that Titan is still looking to with draw from their projects in Holland and Finland but it seems as though Canadian players will still be able to enjoy playing on the site.

Another big story for Canadian poker players broke this week with the news that Skrill is pulling out of the Canadian poker market in 2014. An email was sent to players stating, “Skrill will be notifying active gamblers next week and will also communicate this to its broader Canadian customer base.”

The company has stated they will not accept gambling transactions from the 2nd of January 2014 and that merchant transactions will come to an end on the 31st of January.

Are US factors influencing the behaviour of Skrill in Canada?

skrill-logoMany industry experts believe that this about face owes a lot to the fact that CVC Capital Partners bought a 75% stake in Skrill back in August. Since that deal took place, the company has received approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to facilitate online gaming transactions within New Jersey.

This removal of services for Canadian players will hurt local players but it will also hurt a number of players who are refugees from the United States. If you are in America but not in a state that allows online gambling, you may feel as though your options are becoming increasingly limited. Given the opportunities that are available to players that are in the states that are at the current forefront of US online gaming, this can feel like a frustrating period for some players. Even though the activity of poker sites and players in Canada may not affect everyone, it is obvious that some US poker players will need to keep a close eye on what is happening across the border.

Best US Poker Site Is Bovada

There is a fascination with knowing what the best option in an industry is but it is not always an easy decision to make. One of the problems, especially in the online poker industry, is that poker can be subjective. What one poker player finds very attractive may be unappealing to another player. This means that finding the best poker site may be something that is better for individuals to consider as opposed to finding a site that is claimed as being the best of all the US sites.

Bovada.lvIt is fair to say that if you look at the sites that appear most often in the list of people’s favourite US poker sites, you will start to see the same names crop up. When it comes to the best US poker site, you will find that plenty of people refer to Bovada as being their favourite poker site. The fact that this site is cited by so many people will ensure that it is well worth checking out. The fact that there are so many different reasons to cite Bovada as being the most important poker site for US players means that no matter what you like, there is likely to be a reason that Bovada is the right choice.

The best US poker site will always be a subjective issue

For many people, security and comfort of online play is crucial in determining what the best US poker site. The US poker community has taken a bit of a battering in recent years, so there is a need for stability and reliability. This is definitely what is on offer when you play with Bovada. This site is part of an online gaming network that is renowned all over the world, so you should find plenty of peace of mind and comfort through playing on this site.

You will also find that the strong welcome bonus on offer at Bovada will be more than enough to entice you on to the site. Getting the chance to grab a 100% matched deposit bonus is always going to be of interest to poker players, especially with the news that this bonus can rise to $1,000. Making the most of your money is vital and experienced poker players will tell you about the benefits of building up your bankroll.

Whether you want comfort or you want cash, Bovada can deliver. This is why the site is easily regarded amongst the best US poker sites you could ever hope to find.

Canada Poker Sites Give You Plenty Of Options

Canadian FlagIt is quite easy to see why people outside of North America tend to lump the USA and Canada together. The USA seems to be so powerful and all-encompassing that many people will assume that Canada is almost like an additional state but of course, this is certainly not the case. If you offered this opinion to a Canadian, they would quickly tell you it was wrong but they would do so in a polite and refreshing manner, and this is just one of the differences between Canadians and US people!

One of the greatest things about being Canadian is that there is a lot more freedom with respect to playing online poker than what is available to Americans. While the situation is improving for US poker players, it is still far from ideal. There is a great deal of hassle and effort for many US players to enjoy what online poker offers to people but this is not the case when it comes to Canada. Canada poker sites are available in abundance, which means that sometimes the hardest thing for a Canadian is to decide which site is best for their needs.

Poker players want a wide range of options

This is why it is best for a Canadian poker player to think about what they are looking for a site. If a poker player wants to get a lot of bonuses for signing up for a site, that should be their chief concern. If they are looking for major tournaments and the chance to play for big money, this is what they should focus. If they want the best selection of poker disciplines or just a focus on a particular style of poker game, there will be plenty of options to choose from.

AnonymousWhen it comes to finding a poker site that Canadian players will enjoy playing on, the Anonymous Poker website will take some beating. This is a site that listens to what its players are looking for and they deliver it in abundance. Far too many poker players are sick and tired of finding that other players have worked out their tricks and habits, which allows them to be picked off at an easier rate. With this innovative style of poker play, players can relax and enjoy their poker.

This is definitely something that is of value to people from Canada as they like to make the most of life. Life is at a slower and more natural pace in Canada, which means poker players are looking for something similar when they play online poker.

There are plenty of sites offering payment options in Canadian dollars and there will always be a warm welcome for so many online poker players. When it comes to making the most of the poker opportunities that are available, this is one area where Canadian poker players get to look down their noses at their US poker playing equivalents, which is an opportunity not to be missed.

BestPokerSite.org Real Money Poker Deals

Playing online poker used to be fun.  Even if you were a US player, you could go on almost any site you wanted and be sure that if you could play well enough, you would win and bring in real money.  You winnings were cash and you could enjoy it however you chose to.  Recent changes have made it difficult for online poker players in the US to fully enjoy the cash prizes that they used to, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.  You just have to know where to look for them.

If you want to play real money poker online at the best poker sites, chances are that you’re looking for a really great site that offers you everything you want and more.  You might be seeking an online poker site that offers really great tournaments and jackpots.  Of course, you do, because this is how players win.  You’re probably looking for even more chances to win money too.

The Best Poker SitesDon’t forget that many online poker sites offer opportunities to earn bonuses.  You can earn them when you make deposits, when you’re loyal and lots of other times, but you’re going to want to find a great site that offers easy to enjoy bonuses.

It sounds like your first step to the perfect online poker site for you is to find the right one.  Don’t waste all your time searching  and coming up empty, instead, make the process simpler than you thought you could and choose an online poker review site that meets your needs.  A good one is going to offer you honest reviews based on things like how the site plays, how easy the rewards are to cash in and how easy it is to jump in on tournaments.

When you choose a poker review site that offers solid, unbiased information, you’re going to find that you can save time and money by finding the perfect online poker room for you.  Just make sure that the review site you’ve chosen doesn’t get paid by the online poker sites so you get great reviews from people that have actually played on the site they are reviewing.  This will help you to get the information you really need and want to start playing your way.

Look, if you’re not a poker player that wants to redeem your imaginary winnings for gift cards or prizes and you want to win real money playing online poker, then you need to find the right online poker site; a great review site can help with that.

PokerBonusCode.Net Offers Poker Players with Bonus Codes that Can’t be Found Anywhere Else

Almost all online poker players know that great bonus codes make one site preferable over another. The best poker bonuses should be easy to cash in and enjoy, and be sizable enough to make depositing a worthy endeavor. Finding both of these features with many bonuses can be challenging at best. That’s why PokerBonusCode.net has decided to make it easier than ever for online poker players to get the bonus codes they really want – for free.

PokerBonusCode.netMarch 29, 2012 – PokerBonusCode.net offers “The world’s best poker bonuses and poker room reviews all in one place.” The goal is to give poker players a free place to visit before they choose an online poker room so they can be sure that they are choosing the right site for them.

The idea was that too many online poker players were playing under their desired skill level or way out of their league, but didn’t have any idea until they had already made deposits and started playing poker on a site. Since this situation can cause frustration and less than satisfying game play, the creators of PokerBonusCode.net decided that it was time to offer real reviews and bonus codes for players so they don’t have to waste time or money on sites they don’t like anymore.

The staff at PokerBonusCode.net decided that in order to make a difference in the way that the average poker player chooses poker rooms, it was up to them to provide information that couldn’t be had anywhere else. This is why all of the reviews of online poker rooms are done by the staff of PokerBonusCode.net and they are only done after a staff member has had a chance to play in the reviewed poker rooms. As far as reviews go, many feel that this is the best way to find out essentials information, such as what types of bonuses can be had in certain poker rooms, what has to be done to redeem the bonuses that players get and the average playing level of most tournaments.

To further make online poker playing enjoyable for people, PokerBonusCodes.net offers bonus codes that are exclusive to their site. They make sure that all of the codes work, so players can get right to enjoying their game play and exploring the online poker rooms of their choice.

Since playing poker can be a bit tricky, especially when joining in tournaments, it’s important to keep your personal budget in mind when choosing an online poker room. Online poker players of all levels are encouraged to visit PokerBonusCode.net to help them find the right online poker rooms for them. The service is free and open to everyone, including players in the United States.

What Does the Merge Poker Network Currently Cover?

One of the latest and rapidly growing online poker networks is none other than the Merge Gaming Network. In was back in 2007 that Merge Gaming was established and this poker network has grown to a great extent ever since then. Merge Poker Network is an Australian based poker site and Kahnawake; Canada is the location where the game servers are situated. There are a large number of US friendly sites on Merge that are a part of this poker network and US players are continuously accepted on this site.

Merge PokerCurrently, around seventy three poker sites are affiliated to this poker network and over 1200 players regularly play on this online poker site.

A variety of loose and tight poker games are covered by the Merge Gaming Network and can be played on this website. Players on this poker site mostly play short-handed when playing any of the numerous ring games. Full ring tables on the site are rare but are often available where players can play long-handed.

Merge Gaming Software

The Merge poker gaming site is using in-house developed software. Based on the innovative skin of this online poker network, some very attractive integral features are offered by this software. The lobby of the Merge Gaming site can be easily navigated. The most eye catching graphics can be seen through the Merge poker rooms and as a means of supporting players, a myriad of convenient features are available in these rooms. Players can play at multiple tables at the Merge Poker Network since this website accommodates rapid minimizing of different windows. This poker network site offers an opportunity to players to enjoy ideal poker gaming experience.


The typical initial “Double Your Money” deposit bonus that goes up to six hundred dollars is used at all the sites that are affiliated with the Merge Poker Network. The loyal players of the many different sites that are a part of this network are also offered a variety of rakeback and reward schemes as well. Tournament series are also often run by the Merge Gaming Network, which encourages more players to become a part of this online poker network site.


As highlighted, a variety of four-hour cash freerolls are also hosted by the Merge Poker Network too. The unique games that are a part of the tournaments held by this online poker site not only allow players to win money but give them the chance to get refreshed as well. Badugi, Omaha, Texas Hold´em and numerous other mixed poker games are a part of the tournaments that are held at the Merge Gaming site.

Merge Poker NetworkThe Merge Online Poker Network has been successfully running from five years now and quite a humongous number of poker sites have affiliated with it by now. Some of the affiliate sites of this online poker network include: 1Bet2Bet.com, BetUSA.com, EzSportsbook.com, PDCPoker.com, SportsFanatik.com, VIP.com and many more. It is apparent that the number of affiliated US friendly sites on Merge is quite large. No doubt the Merge Poker Network is quite an exceptional site, and this is why it is among the leading sites in this industry.

So Many Online Poker Rooms, How do You Choose?

You might be thinking that there are so many online poker rooms to choose from that it’s really hard to know that you’re choosing the right one to meet your needs.  You’re not alone – lots of people find that it’s tough to find an online poker room that does exactly what they want it to.  There are many different factors to consider, so choosing the one that fits you should not be taken lightly.

Here are some tips to help make choosing a great online poker room easier than ever:

  • You should consider what type of online poker player you are.  If you’re new, you’re going to want to choose an online poker room that offers you games that don’t cost you too much.  Since you’re unlikely to want to sign up for the big games right now, you should look for a poker room that offers lots of play with people that play the same way you do.  This will help you to become a much better player and enhance your skills.  However, if you are a really great online poker player, you’re going to want to take a good look at some of the poker rooms out there that offer higher stakes and more competition.  These tournaments will be bigger and better winners for you in the long run.
  • It’s also a good idea to take a look at the bonuses that any online poker room you’re considering will offer you.  Can you enjoy free play from being a loyal player with your online poker room?  Will you have a hard time cashing in on your bonuses?  You might want to read a few reviews to find out exactly what it will take to enjoy the bonuses of the online poker room you’re thinking about.
  • How many extras come with the online poker room that you’re thinking about?  For instance, can you get information about the tournaments that the pros play?  Can you get education on things like strategies and odds of a game?  Can you get refreshers on the basic rules of your favorite poker games or will you have to search someplace else to find what you’re seeking?
  • Take a good look at the reviews of the online poker rooms that you’re considering.  Choose reviewers who have actually played on the poker room and can offer details about game play, bonuses and how easy they are to cash in on and other perks of the poker room that you’re thinking about.  Good reviews can help you to make a good solid choice and get started on the online poker room you really want.

These are just a few tips, but they should help you to get going on the online poker room you really want.  Why keep searching when you could start enjoying all the benefits of great game play and excellent bonuses today?  Why play with an online poker room you don’t love when you can play on one that you can’t imagine living without?