Playing Poker on Ubuntu

There are many benefits of using the Linux OS as opposed to Windows but if you are a poker fan, it may seem that your options are limited. With so many poker sites using download programs to allow players to play, Ubuntu users may feel they are missing out on the poker action. This can be very annoying and if you are skilled at poker, can also see you missing out on money. Thankfully, there are ways to play poker on Ubuntu.

Playing Online Poker on Ubuntu
Playing Poker on Ubuntu

Firstly, if the poker site offers a no download service, you can use this site no problem with Ubuntu. The downside is that these no download services tend to offer fewer services and fewer gaming options. If you are a casual poker player, this may be suitable to your needs but if you want to play regularly, you will need to play with downloaded software.

Wine can be a solution

The solution that most people suggest for playing poker on Ubuntu is to use the Wine emulator. Wine is a Windows emulator for Ubuntu and will allow you to play any download software from poker sites on your Ubuntu OS. The process is as simple as downloading and installing the Wine emulator, downloading the software from the poker site (the .exe file, not the download file) and then run the downloaded poker file in Wine.

This is a very simple process and should take no more than a few minutes to carry out. If you are strongly against using a Windows emulator on Ubuntu this option will not be suitable but it opens up a world of poker playing opportunities for the Ubuntu user. Glitches may occur from time to time but on the whole, this process is simple and extremely effective.

Java games may provide an answer

Another solution to the problem may come in the shape of Java downloads, which are appearing on a number of poker sites. A Java based poker room does not require any software to download and is compatible with all operating systems, which means Ubuntu users can play these games with no difficulties at all.

None of these solutions are ideal and Ubuntu users are unfairly marginalised compared to other OS users but there are still plenty of options for Ubuntu users to play online poker games. Even the most hardened of poker players will find that running software through Wine is a sacrifice that is more than acceptable to gain access to the top poker sites and their wide choice of games.