PokerStars Home Games Brings the Fun Back Home

PokerStars Home Games
PokerStars Home Games

Online poker is great but at times it lacks the fun and excitement that came from beating your friends at poker. This is how many people learned how to play poker but this style of playing was about much more than just the game.

There was a huge social aspect to the game and it was a great way to keep up to date with the lives of friends and loved ones. The emergence of online poker has brought many benefits including the opportunity to win a lot of money but many miss the chanced to beat their friends at home.

PokerStars understand the social aspect

PokerStars have realised this and the release of the PokerStars Home Games brings the social factor into playing online poker. This game allows you and your friends to set up a game using the PokerStars software and game client. If you found your regular poker games have been disrupted by people moving away, this is the perfect way to bring back those nights of poker with your friends.

Setting the game up is extremely simple to do. All it takes is entering the lobby of the PokerStars site and starting up your own poker club. After this, you invite the players that you want to join and everything else is as simple as joining an online poker game. The simplicity of the PokerStars Home Games is its real quality and as long as all of your friends are members of the PokerStars site, they can be invited into the game.

There are further bonuses and incentives to play this way

That should be more than enough to convince people to switch to this style of poker game but there are further poker bonuses to convince people to enlist for this style of poker play. If you and your friends start a Poker Club, have 7 or more members and engage in two real money or five play money games, you will be included in the $100,000 free-roll Ultimate Home Game.

The ability to play with friends online no matter where they are is a huge incentive for players to join up with the site but this added incentive is likely to greatly increase the number of players using this style of poker play.

Enjoy poker you way when you want it

Players can still enjoy the regular PokerStars games on a regular basis, getting everyone online at the same time can be difficult but with a minimum of planning, poker games with your friends can be back on the agenda.

If you miss the good old days when Friday nights would turn into Saturday mornings so easily and poker was at the heart of it all, PokerStars may be able to bring those days back. Whether it becomes a regular game or a one-off match involving you and your best friends, the Home Games innovation should be considered one of the best steps in online poker. People have complained about the lack of social element and interaction that online poker has but this new style of playing may be about to change all that.