There is a Place Where You Can go to Play Online Poker on Your Mac

iMacPoker.netIf you’re new to the world of online poker with a Mac, you might want not know where you should go to find all of the downloadable online poker rooms that you seek all in one place.  When you’re looking for great online poker rooms for your Mac, it can be really hard to decide which ones are good and which ones will just rip you off if you have to do a search.  So, you do your search and it seems like thousands of website addresses pop up, but which one do you choose?

Common sense would say that you go to the top of the search listing and choose one of the most commonly clicked on site, but this can take time and cause lots of frustration when you find that you can’t learn about the online poker room until you’re actually signed in and have made a deposit.

This is a common practice with downloadable online poker rooms, but it can be really frustrating.  There are things to consider when you’re downloading a poker room.  For instance, how do you know what kind of bonuses you can get?  Will you only have a deposit bonus or are there other opportunities to play with free money?  What do you have to do to be able to cash in on these bonuses?  Is it going to be easy or is it going to be an issue for you to reap the rewards of your bonuses?

You also want to know what kinds of games you can play when you choose an online poker room for Mac.  In other words, how easy is it to join in on tournaments and games?  Do you have to sign up and wait for days and days or are you going to be able to pop into just about any tournament you want?  What are the stakes of the games that you’ll be playing?  If you have lots of experience, you might want to have games with higher stakes, but if you have very little experience, you want to be able to play the games you want without having to worry that you’re likely to lose too much money.

You’ll likely love that you can find out more about online poker rooms by visiting a site like  Sites such as this one not only offer you all the information you need to make an educated choice when it comes to playing online poker on your Mac.  You’ll also find that you have the options to download PokerStars Mac version from this site, so you’ll know that you’re getting the real deal.

Why not check out to see what kinds of online poker sites will work well for you?  Download PokerStars Mac version while you’re there and find out about all the really great online poker rooms for Mac that you can enjoy playing on.  You don’t have to guess anymore, so why not see for yourself?

2011 World Series of Poker – Getting Ready with the Bluff Pro Challenge

The 2011 World Series of Poker promises to be an incredible event that offers something for everyone– the amateur weekend poker player, the cautious spectator, the semi-pro regular player who already has a couple local or small tournaments under his or her belt, and the professional poker player who is looking to score the impressive 180 million dollar prize at this year’s WSOP.

Lock Poker has teamed up with Bluff Magazine and Poker News Boy to create the second Bluff Pro Challenge, a month-long tournament the month before the 2011 World Series of Poker starts in late May.  The Bluff Pro Challenge is meant to determine the world’s best poker player before the 2011 WSOP even starts, and winners not only gain a Main Event Seat at WSOP, but they’re also awarded with a 2-year Lock Pro Elite sponsorship, the July 2011 cover of Bluff Magazine, and a 6-month campaign geared at marketing them for poker fame.  Those are some hefty rewards to win a month before the biggest poker event of the year even starts.

Here’s how the Bluff Pro Challenge works:  Players play for the entire month of April, and they can start with however much money they want in their bankroll.  Players can add money to their account any time they want.  Players compete in sit-and-go tournaments, multiple table tournaments, and ring games on the Lock Poker site, and the goal is simple: win as much money as you possibly can within 30 days.  The winner will be the player who has the highest profit at 11:59 on April 30th.  If you’re worried that you don’t have the initial bankroll that many other players will have, keep in mind that the winner will be determined by highest profit, not necessarily the most money, so there’s no harm in playing, even if you don’t have a substantial amount of money to start with.  Recruits, as they’re called on the Lock Poker site, have already signed up from all over the world, with a predictable dominance by American players, who make up the largest percentage of poker players around the world.

Lock Poker is also known for having one of the best incentive programs available, as they offer a matching bonus of 200% on an initial deposit of up to $1,200, available with the Lock Poker bonus code (use the LOCKWELCOME code before you make your initial deposit).  Players have to earn VIP points to release their bonus, but with up to 2,400 dollars in free money, a little time spend playing poker hardly seems a sacrifice.  After all, that’s why you’re playing poker online, right?

With the 2011 WSOP right around the corner, now is the perfect time to cut your teeth on a large tournament like the Bluff Pro Challenge.  If you win, you can see the 2011 World Series of Poker up close, and even if you don’t, you’ll have a great experience sure to prepare you for one day making your way to the weeks worth of events at the WSOP.

PokerStars Home Games Brings the Fun Back Home

PokerStars Home Games
PokerStars Home Games

Online poker is great but at times it lacks the fun and excitement that came from beating your friends at poker. This is how many people learned how to play poker but this style of playing was about much more than just the game.

There was a huge social aspect to the game and it was a great way to keep up to date with the lives of friends and loved ones. The emergence of online poker has brought many benefits including the opportunity to win a lot of money but many miss the chanced to beat their friends at home.

PokerStars understand the social aspect

PokerStars have realised this and the release of the PokerStars Home Games brings the social factor into playing online poker. This game allows you and your friends to set up a game using the PokerStars software and game client. If you found your regular poker games have been disrupted by people moving away, this is the perfect way to bring back those nights of poker with your friends.

Setting the game up is extremely simple to do. All it takes is entering the lobby of the PokerStars site and starting up your own poker club. After this, you invite the players that you want to join and everything else is as simple as joining an online poker game. The simplicity of the PokerStars Home Games is its real quality and as long as all of your friends are members of the PokerStars site, they can be invited into the game.

There are further bonuses and incentives to play this way

That should be more than enough to convince people to switch to this style of poker game but there are further poker bonuses to convince people to enlist for this style of poker play. If you and your friends start a Poker Club, have 7 or more members and engage in two real money or five play money games, you will be included in the $100,000 free-roll Ultimate Home Game.

The ability to play with friends online no matter where they are is a huge incentive for players to join up with the site but this added incentive is likely to greatly increase the number of players using this style of poker play.

Enjoy poker you way when you want it

Players can still enjoy the regular PokerStars games on a regular basis, getting everyone online at the same time can be difficult but with a minimum of planning, poker games with your friends can be back on the agenda.

If you miss the good old days when Friday nights would turn into Saturday mornings so easily and poker was at the heart of it all, PokerStars may be able to bring those days back. Whether it becomes a regular game or a one-off match involving you and your best friends, the Home Games innovation should be considered one of the best steps in online poker. People have complained about the lack of social element and interaction that online poker has but this new style of playing may be about to change all that.

Ali Tekintamgac Wins WPT Main Event at Barcelona

Ali Tekintamgac
Ali Tekintamgac

Ali Tekintamgac, an entrepreneur aged 41 from Germany, has won the World Poker Tour Spanish Championship Main Event, held at Barcelona and sponsored by Party Poker. Ali won a fabulous prize of €315,000, the WPT title, an entry to the WPT World Championship 2011 worth $25,500, and a Tiffany bracelet. The Main Event, which had a buy-in of €3,200 plus €300 witnessed 326 talented poker players fighting for the title as well as a share of €1,043,200 for the top 36 players.

Tekintamgac, a father of one who hails from Augsburg in Germany, is an amateur poker player. WPT Barcelona is his second significant tournament. His first major poker tournament was the EPT Grand Final held in Monte Carlo, in which he finished 125th and won €15,000. Ali’s name now features in the record books of WPT along with names of previous winners such as the Austrian Markus Lehmann, Danish Casper Hansen, and American Mark Randal Flowers.

When Ali reached the final tables, he had a considerable stack of chips, a situation that he used very well. He said that he started playing poker 20 years ago, but decided to participate in major tournaments recently. He said that the second day held the turning point for him owing to the presence of a large pot and the fact that he had an A2.

Spectators were also quite impressed by the performance of Manuel Blaschke of Vienna, aged 18, who finished fourth. The tournament runner-up was Roberto Santiago, the 40-year-old film director from Madrid, who had arrived for the Party Poker Celebrity Invitational Event, organized to aid Fundacion Pare Manel. Currently engaged in a poker screenplay project, he spoke about what a fantastic experience the WPT tournament was for him and labeled it as a “brilliant tournament.” Roberto plans to use his prize money to finance his poker film project.

Roberto became very popular in Spain for his football film of 2005 titled, “The Longest Penalty in the World.” He says that movies on poker can greatly enhance the popularity of poker, which has already captured the attention of the people of Spain.