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PlayPokerOnline.netIn the United States, it’s not as easy to play online poker as it used to be.  Recent changes to legislation have caused many US online poker players to search for new poker sites that are US player friendly.  These changes have caused many players to lose out on cash winnings in favor of other, easier to dish out prizes, and many poker players are feeling frustrated at best.  Now, there is an answer and it’s in the form of

MAY 26, 2012 – Online poker players in the United States have recently found that their options for great online poker sites have diminished considerably.  This is due to new laws regarding online gambling, but it’s putting a strain on many previously satisfied poker players. knows that there are many online players that simply want to win cash; they want to have the opportunity to enter tournaments and enjoy their winnings in the form of money that is deposited to their bank accounts, but for many in the United States, it’s become a little harder to find the sites that are willing to offer what players really want. has taken the time to offer a detailed listing of the very best US friendly poker sites for players to choose from.  Players won’t just find a list, though, because the staff at has taken the time to offer one of their top notch reviews for each site that they list.  This ways, players can review all of the details that matter to them.  So, if it’s bonuses a player seeks, then the section of the reviews that covers bonuses, how to redeem them and the bonus codes that will give players even more free money is sure to be an essential first stop.

For players that are interested in playing tournaments, it’s important to know what a site offers, what the jackpots are, how much it will take to buy in and what players need to do to be able to get in on these potentially profitable games.  Each member of the staff at is a seasoned poker player; they have played in the tournaments on each site they review, so players can have the essential details that other review sites just don’t have.

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