Looking to Enjoy Your Bonuses Sooner? Check out PKR

One of the things that many online poker players absolutely cannot stand is the fact that it can take so long for them to enjoy their sign on bonus.  You have to earn points – and then more points, until your whole bonus is finally paid to you.  While in theory this is great, for many players small bonuses just don’t do the trick – especially if you want to use your free money to play a big game.  That’s why PKR is making it easier than ever to enjoy your bonuses faster than you might have thought.

What you can enjoy

There are three possible bonuses that players can enjoy when they make a deposit with PKR.  You’ll need the right bonus code, but when you have it – you can enjoy a bonus no matter what you have to deposit.   So, say you only have $10 to deposit.  No problem, go ahead and get started, because you’ll be able to enjoy a fast $5 bonus when you enter the code.

PKRNow, if you can afford to deposit anywhere from $25 to $150, you’ll find that you get a bonus of 100% – up to $300.  That’s a lot of free money that you can add to your bankroll and that will give you the chance to play in even bigger real money games.

It gets better, though because you can get even bigger bonuses when you can deposit more than $150 – like 125% instead of 100%.  So, if you’ve got a sizable poker budget, you can enjoy the benefits even more.  Now, for these big bonuses, the payout is similar to other poker rooms, where you play a certain number of hands of real money games and you’ll have your bonus released, but not to worry – you’ll be enjoying your bonus before you know it.

There’s more

PKR doesn’t want you to be starting out with no points at all, so they’ve decided to give you a free 1500 bonus points when you sign up.  This gives you a great edge, and the chance to shop for some of the best rewards out there.

If you want to find out more and get the bonus codes, you should check out this PKR review; it’s the online poker room that offers more rewards, more exciting tournaments and bonuses that you can really use and enjoy.  Isn’t it time to play poker your way?  PKR can help.